I was surprised to learn that Hillary Clinton’s favorite show is HGTV’s “Love It or List It,” because the show’s premise is so fake. A husband and wife are unhappy with their home and so simultaneously start a renovation run by Designer Hilary, right, and hunt for a “dream house” with the help of Realtor David, left. A decision looms: Do they “love” the remade abode … or “list it” and bid on a new place? Has any real-life family ever done this? Methinks not!

Why is Clinton a fan? My thesis: The show’s not really about real estate, it’s about the art of successful diplomacy. Typically, one partner wants to stay in the old house, another wants to go. Problems arise: Renovation costs mount and blunt Hilary says things like, “This is way, way more than we ever expected.” The couple is unimpressed by new houses; exasperated David fumes: “You are very, very, very, very hard to please.” Husband and wife are mad at each other and at Hilary and David. Yet in the end, the couple is always happy.

The secretary of state must secretly think, “If only it were as easy to bring peace to the Middle East as it is to resolve a dispute about an open concept living room.”