If Joey Wolffer looks a little familiar, it might be because the glam New Yorker made a pit stop in D.C. back in May on the Styleliner — her 20-foot potato-chip truck turned accessories shop on wheels. Much like the truck, her new holiday store (housed in an igloo-like structure that was originally the starting gate for the downhill skiing event at the Salt Lake City Olympics) is full of spoils from her worldly travels. (Think Pendleton wool pouches and petrified coral necklaces.) It’s anchored to the Dupont Circle Hotel and open from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily through Dec. 24 (1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW).

So, how does it feel to have a dream job?
[Laughs] There are a lot of things that come with it that aren’t so glamorous. But you know what I love about it? Every new city is an opportunity for my husband and I to have a vacation. I love really getting to know the culture of every place we visit. It’s everywhere, from the art to the buildings. And the markets. I go crazy when I see a market.

In what ways is the igloo different from the truck?
The igloo has lower price points. We wanted people to be able to buy a lot of things rather than just one big thing, so you’ll find bracelets for about $25 to $30. It’s also bigger and more homey than the truck. We’ll have hot cocoa every day. We wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable staying and chatting.

What items are you loving most?
Right now in the igloo we’re doing a lot of Peruvian and Aztec prints, and lots of neon. And I really love the Buba Bracelets we have, which are embellished  leather cuffs with gems and silk threads. Every item has a story to tell, and that’s why we’re selling it and that’s what the customer likes.

You’re the former trend director for Jones Group. What’s your trend  forecast for this season?
I think people are so much about color right now. Also anything that’s natural with an edge, like leathers with some sparkle on them. The boho glam look is kind of our thing.

Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?
My father was an entrepreneur and my grandfather was an entrepreneur. I’m not the type of person who can sit behind a desk all day and not show my personality. So I think that has really led me to be an entrepreneur, this craving to be around people and meeting new people every day.

You’re based in New York but chose D.C. as your igloo headquarters.
We love D.C., and we’re building a name for ourselves here. We like our clients and the energy of the city. No one here is jaded. I think there’s a great enthusiasm around the igloo because I don’t think there’s much like it in D.C.