Yarns and Yarmulke
Christmas is just one day of the year, but Hanukkah lasts for eight days and nights. Which makes the excess of ugly Christmas sweaters — celebrated by parties, happy hours and way too many Instagram posts — seem downright unfair. Geltfiend’s new line of Judaica-themed knitwear evens the tacky holiday-wear field with such garments as dreidel cardigans (shown, $65, Geltfiend.com), a “Crown Heights” pullover with yarmulke-wearing snowmen ($60) and, our favorite, the “Geltdigger” ($60), a bowed style covered with gold-coin symbols.

Easy Glider
Things you can do with one hand: hail a cab, tell a bad driver what you really think of his motor skills, and, now, thanks to Vault cosmetics, apply lip gloss ($16, Vaulticon.com). The tube’s Bond Girl-like design allows you to open, pump and close the pucker-prettier with just one paw. The jojoba oil and vitamin E loaded formula adds up to a supple kisser. And a roster of 16 hues —  including the very-pink Rehab and daring, icy-blue Newport — means the gloss is even more of a multitasker.

Clothes Call
A new limited-edition collection of iPhone, Samsung and BlackBerry cases dubbed the “Rewind Collection” is inspired by bygone looks from iconic designers ($35, Inspiremycase.com). Favorites include an art-deco print borrowed from a glitzy ’20s dress by Chanel and a Mondrian-esque version of Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 color-block dress (shown, right). Twenty percent of all proceeds go to a charity that provides art supplies to children in need, so buying one will make you look fashionable and feel good.

Mellower Mallows
“no, olive, Daddy will not pour his special brown juice into your cocoa. Bad girl!” Wondermade’s new Bourbon Marshmallows ($7.50 for 16, Wondermade.com) aren’t for the kiddies either, but they’ll dose holiday-frazzled parents with a sweet, slightly oaky flavor. The company also adds Guinness to its puffs; flavors such as Honey Pear, Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint could sub in for those hard white nuggets in Swiss Miss. The treats could also deliciously star in fireplace s’mores.

Just Her Type
Arlington  graphic designer Tina Tabibi draws inspiration from travel, 1980s movies and even her Boston terrier. Her letter-pressed, perky sets of packaged notes ($17 for 6, Etsy.com/shop/TabibiDesign) bear messages both yule-ish (“Hugs, Kisses and Holiday Wishes!” with a champagne glass “star”) and evergreen (“I Love You More Than Cake” in peppy, poppy fonts).