Start with a high-intensity workout.

Add in a blowdry, and you’re ready to party.

Finding time to exercise when there’s so much party-hopping on the agenda can be almost as unrealistic as flying reindeer. That’s why Washington Sports Clubs’ Dupont location is unstuffing some stockings this month with “Blitz and Glitz.”

What It Is: This 30-minute, high-intensity class ends with the ultimate cooldown: a blowout by professional hairdressers to get you ready for your next holiday bash.

“People in this area suffer from a common affliction: They have 10 things to do, but only time for five,” says Ira Ludwick, whose eponymous Bethesda salon is partnering with the health club for the promotion. “We’re coupling grooming with fitness, so they’re feeling fabulous.”

Working out also helps with seasonal stress. “You have to exercise to keep your sanity,” Lindy Gelb, 45, said at a preview class last week.

Moves: How quickly can you dash to a buffet? Tap into that speed and agility in the warmup, which gets heart rates up with a ladder to step in and out of, hurdles to hop and cones to run around.

The rest of the half hour is dedicated to a circuit of kettlebell swings, box jumps, push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees and more.

Workout: It’s no holiday, even knowing there’s a treat awaiting you at the end. But the varied routine goes by quickly, and there are exercise modifications for anyone who needs moves scaled back.

“I can’t do a lot of high-impact jumping,” said Rachel McGrath, 33, who’s pregnant. There was still plenty she could do, including making waves with a heavy rope.

Blowout: People who have just exercised are destined to look better than anyone else “because they’re radiant, glowing inside and out,” Ludwick says. Still, he’d prefer that folks hit the showers before their hair appointment.

In a rush? Ludwick’s trick for sweaty locks is foundation mist: “If they can’t shampoo, this cleans the hair up and brings the surface oil off the scalp.”

Armed with sprays, powders and mousses, the hairdressers can handle any request. McGrath asked for a frizz-free look with a little height. Susan Stinson, 57, wanted extra volume. And after she got a look at her perfect blond ’do, she wanted to show it off.

“Maybe I can talk my husband into taking me out to dinner,” Stinson said.

Details: Through Dec. 21, Blitz and Glitz is at 5 p.m. every day at Washington Sports Clubs’ Dupont location (1835 Connecticut Ave. NW). It’s open — and free — to all (men and women). First come, first served. For more info: 202-332-0100.