Barring the apocalypse, Gwar will release its latest thrash-metal opus next summer. While preparing for global domination and enslavement of the human race, the band is playing shows on its annual holiday tour. From his palace in Antarctica, where he was “sitting on my opulent throne of eternal metallic hatred,” frontdemon Oderus discussed his Christmas plans.

How does Gwar celebrate Christmas?
We usually do something very stupid. I wear a stupid hat and a stupid beard, but since we are working on a new album, which will be devastating in its metallic hatred, we are confining our public stupidity to just a few shows.

It sounds like you’re not especially fond of the holiday.
Once you take away the blatant commercialism and horrible carols, Christmas isn’t so bad. There are all these office parties, so if you schedule correctly, you can get drunk and eat for free, I don’t know, seven to 10 times in one month.

Does Gwar have a Christmas party?
With Gwar, the party never stops. We can’t even stop partying long enough to have a Christmas party. Besides, we would rather take than give.

So it’s the reverse of a secret Santa. A secret Satan perhaps?
Yes. In any way possible, we try to reverse things. Even reversing things becomes reversed, to the point where we are completely without direction. And that’s how we like it.

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