I bet you weren’t expecting the best moment of your life. Bet your worst caught you off guard, too. Life’s surprises are what the extraordinary “Rust and Bone” (it’s in French; deal) is about.

Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts play two people whose lives intersect only because of chance, and only because of pain. They are surrounded by violence, caused by an indifferent nature or cruel humanity. Through it — because of it, in spite of it — they find small but blossoming moments of connection. And every one of those moments brings the risk of pain, because this is how things are with human beings: Our need for one another is so deep, while our capacity to hurt one another is so great.

In life and in the movie, out Friday, respect and friendship and attraction and love are links of the same chain, and that chain can wrap around your heart so tightly that you can’t tell if what you’re feeling is pleasure or pain.

In most movies, love solves a problem. “Rust and Bone” recognizes that love can make life harder, that it can do nothing to stop the cruelty and crap that life can hand you. All love can do is make sure there’s someone next to you in the dark times, when the tears are pouring, someone who can remind you that the lights will come up, the sun will rise and, though you may be changed, you will stand again.