Andy, 30, manages energy efficiency projects at George Washington University. Jill, 30, is a lawyer. They live in Arlington.

The Main Event: They got hitched Oct. 6, 2012, at a vineyard on Long Island.

How They Met: In Tokyo, when the two of them were English teachers.

First Date: He invited her over for dinner and cooked nothing but carbs: potato croquettes on pasta with garlic bread.

Funniest Wedding Moment: When Jill’s 3-year-old nephew, the ringbearer, refused to hand over the rings. “He was so nervous.”

One for the Scrapbook: The couple’s first dance started out as 311’s “Amber,” but segued into “Gangnam Style,” “pony dance moves and all,” Jill says. Later, they played “Gangnam Style” a second time, and “the whole party got really into it, with people diving under legs and all,” Andy says.

Favors and Decorations: Because they met in Tokyo, the couple folded hundreds of origami cranes for boutonnieres and favors.

If I Could Turn Back Time: Andy would have added fireworks. “The good kind.”