Jessica, 35, works at an environmental nonprofit. Hector, 35, is a staff sergeant in the Army. They live in Germantown, Md.

The Main Event: They’ll tie the knot May 18 in D.C.

How They Met: In high school. They reconnected through Facebook in 2009.

First Impressions: She was “beautiful, but stuck-up.” He was “such a nerd.”

First Date: Her favorite restaurant, Lauriol Plaza.

How He Proposed: “I thought he was going to sing a karaoke song, but he popped the question.”

Most Hated Clothing Item: Her cheetah-print shirt, his “grandpa” sweater with elbow patches.

Family Traditions: Hector will give Jessica 13 coins, “which symbolize the sharing and safeguarding of future gains. It also represents the acceptance of responsibility to ensure that the home we are building never lacks anything.