In March, I’m going to Los Angeles to the wedding of my college roommate. I’m an East Coast girl who’s not spent much time in Los Angeles; my roommate is a native Californian who works in the film industry, so I’m not sure how to dress. Help!  —Catherine

Manolo says it is true the people of the California they are not like us! They drive their $400,000 Lamborghinis to the Ralph’s Supermarket, even though there is not enough luggage space in the car to carry the single gallon of free-range, cruelty-free, fat-free organic soy milk back to their Richard Neutra-esque three-bedrooms located in the wildfire-prone landslide zones above Mulholland.

The Californians, they think it is normal to live in places with names like Tarzana, Topanga and Rancho Cucamonga, where the hot dog stands have their own paparazzi, who, if you are wearing the designer sunglasses and looking especially hungover, will chase you down the street shouting, “Lindsey! Lindsey! Lindsey!”

As for how to dress for the California wedding, the Manolo can offer no better advice than to dress as you normally would for the wedding anywhere else. If it is the typical California ceremony, some people will be there wearing the suits and dresses, and others will be in board shorts and the flip-flops thinking about surfing.

Here is the Pamela from Via Spiga ($175,, the T-strap sandal that the Californians might think pretty.