Load Bearable
Lugging your tees and towels to and from the basement laundry room/washeteria is almost as much of a drag as folding socks and boxers. Sort-a-Neat, a sort of hybrid between a duffle bag and a laundry basket, helps with the haul. Flexible compartments let you separate darks, whites and hand-wash-only old Neutral Milk Hotel T-shirts; a mesh screen cinches over the top to keep things from falling out. ($25, Willow, 843 Upshur St. NW; 202-269-2323, Sortaneat.com).

Bauble Babble
A traditionalist might wear pearl drops or diamond studs to an inaugural ball or cocktail bash. But local jeweler Daphne Olive’s new powder-coated steel hoops ($62, Tabletop, 1608 20th St. NW; 202-387-7117) have a more progressive agenda. The barnacle-inspired beauties would rock a black frock or jeans and a cardi. Similar styles: a red zinnia pendant ($62) and mint-hued leaf earrings ($40).

Tree Yourself

One Mango Tree, the D.C.-based clothing and accessories brand founded by do-gooder Halle Butvin, recently launched a new collection of organic cotton dresses (shown, $48) and colorful clutches and scarves made from hand-dyed yarns (Onemangotree.com). Like the rest of the collection, these striking wares are made by skilled-yet-needy artisans in Uganda who get fair-trade wages for their handiwork.

Bright Vision
Room & board (1840 14th St. NW; 202-729-8300), aka Ikea for grown-ups/splurgers, just released its 2013 catalog. Flipping (or scrolling) through its well-styled pages, we spotted plenty of the mid-century mod neutrals the brand is known for — reclaimed fir tables shaped like drums ($300-$329), gray linen headboards. But the hot hues so big on the runway lately have also made inroads here, as in the jade-green velvet Murphy sofa (from $1,300).

Welcome Vat?
“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Wine.” “Wine who?” Would you really question a case of chards and cabs arriving at your door? D.C.’s Alex Clifford hopes not. His new company, Grape Crate, delivers 12 hand-selected vinos along with information on each (about $200, Grapecrate.com). You then try ’em, rate
’em on your phone and wait for the next delivery tailored to your palate.