As you know, next week is a big deal here in D.C. I’m on the organizing committee for one of the inaugural balls, and will need to look my best. I’ve already got the gown, in a deep sapphire blue. Now I need the shoes. Please help! — Margot

Manolo says, how exciting to be going to the giant ball of the second inauguration of the Mr. President Barack H. Obama. Every four years, it is one of the most special days in Washington, when the entire city is transformed into the magical, make-believe fairyland of limos and ball gowns, when every minor bureaucrat will be briefly made over into the Cinderella and the Prince Charming.

One minute you are the Assistant to the Assistant Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Phrenology, and the next you are Belle from the “Beauty and the Beast,” dancing the foxtrot with the man in the tuxedo who tomorrow will go back to being the person at the Internal Revenue Service who sets the depreciation schedule for mechanized manure spreaders.

This quadrennial day of celebration will be especially festive because the president was re-elected, so at the stroke of midnight on Jan. 22, none of the political appointees will be looking for new jobs!
Here is the strappy sandal with the pebbled leather finish from the Jimmy Choo, perfect for the celebratory festivities of democracy ($695,