Dustin, 34, is an analytics engineer. Aubrey, 33, is an attorney. They live in Fairfax.

The Main Event: They will marry April 13 in Aubrey’s hometown of Raleigh, N.C., in a historic chapel, where her minister will officiate. The reception is at a children’s museum.

How They Met: Kickball in Falls Church. He was the team captain.

First Impressions: “I thought he was quiet but authoritative,” Aubrey says.

First Date: They ate dinner at Aladdin’s in Ballston, then saw “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

How He Proposed: He cooked her dinner, then sent her on a scavenger hunt through their house. It “ended with me on a knee,” Dustin says.

Most Stupid Fight: Over “me borrowing some of his fleeces for workouts without asking. They were returned!”

Pet Names: He is “honeycakes” or just “cakes.”

Family Traditions: As a young teenager, Aubrey was asked to read in her uncle’s wedding. Now, Aubrey and Dustin have asked Aubrey’s niece to do the same.

Mmm, Cake: Aubrey’s friend is baking a three-tiered cake: chocolate, white with lemon curd, and carrot with cream cheese.