Eddie, 31, is a teacher. Hilary, 27, is pursuing a master’s in education at Trinity Washington University. They will live in Hyattsville after the wedding.

The Main Event: June 29 at a Catholic church in College Park.

How They Met: As kids at a youth-group event. “I walked up to him as some kid was trying out wrestling moves on him. He was in a headlock when I first saw him. I said ‘hi’ and we were friends from then on,” Hilary says.

First Date: Olive Garden. “She was too shy to let me pay; she actually took off running across the parking lot to an ATM before we went in,” Eddie says.

How He Proposed: After Christmas Eve midnight Mass, he asked her to come up to the altar to open an early Christmas present.

Family Traditions: They chose their wedding date in part because it will also be Eddie’s great-grandmother’s 100th birthday.