What would you recommend for a 32-year-old stay-at-home mother of three preschool boys who doesn’t want to seem old? I’ve managed to avoid mom jeans with running shoes, but style choices often take a back seat to kid-rearing chaos.  — Lisa

Manolo says, sadly it is true, the time races forward with the alacrity. One minute you are floating through the college quadrangle without the care in the world, looking exactly like the more charming but slightly less goofy version of Zooey Deschanel, and the next you are the permanent custodian of the three little boys who, after 15 minutes of contact, would cause the Super Nanny to lock herself into the downstairs bathroom, crying her eyes out and swigging from the jumbo bottle of vanilla extract.

Although this description seems like the horrible trade-off, as if you have given up something valuable for something terrible, it does not describe how you actually feel, which is as if the cosmos have handed you the most joyous, precious gift (three gifts!) along with the dirty diapers, the broken dishwasher and the overweight golden retriever with the shedding problem.

In the other words, life is to be lived as it comes, as the tangled mess of joy and work, grief and leisure, filled with beautiful shoes and rambunctious children. Here is the Donna Italy 2 from Geox ($105, Zappos.com) in the hot momma red to dispel any rumors that you are not still “with it.”