Chris, 28, is an analyst at a consulting firm. Rachel, 31, works at a medical technology association. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: An outdoor “garden party” wedding Aug. 12, 2012, in Sandy Spring, Md.

How They Met: At a going-away party for a mutual friend.

Celebrating Heritage: The couple added some special touches to their Jewish ceremony: Family members read blessings in both English and Hebrew, and a recently ordained childhood friend married them.

Theme: He proposed while they were making applesauce, so their favors were farmers market apples on a table marked “DIY applesauce,” and they incorporated fresh fruit into as many dishes as possible.

Ah, Memories: Rachel: “My very serious father kept using the word ‘fabulous’ to describe everything that day. Even now, thinking of him saying ‘fabulous’ over and over makes me tear up a little.”

One for the Scrapbook: When they tried to feed each other their wedding cake, “we accidentally fed ourselves instead of each other,” Rachel says.

On the Dance Floor: Near the end of the night, “our speakers cut out and we ended up playing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on Rachel’s iPod.”