Larry, right, 47, is an engineer at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Fred, 45, is a judo instructor. They live in Rockville.

The Main Event: They will wed Feb. 1 at the Montgomery County Judicial Center, just a month after same-sex marriage became legal in Maryland.

How They Met: Larry was on his way to Paris for his job and a friend told him to look up Fred. “Larry said, ‘I’ll be wearing a black leather jacket.’ He didn’t know that everyone wears a black jacket in Paris in the winter.”

First Date: That very night, they got dinner.

How He Proposed: “I just came home from work and was so happy about the referendum in Maryland that I asked Fred to marry me.”

Most Stupid Fight: “Maybe one little kerfuffle about an ex going on the same cruise as us,” Larry says. “He wasn’t going on vacation with us, only on the same ship with 3,500 other passengers.”

Pet Names: Fred calls Larry “sanglier,” or “wild boar.”

Family Traditions: Larry: “I am from western Pennsylvania, so perhaps we will dance a polka or two. Actually, I love to polka.”