Maureen, 31, is a meetings director. Justin, 34, is an executive adviser at a research firm. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: They’re getting hitched Feb. 2 in Mexico.

How They Met: At a bar in Dayton, Ohio. Her best friend introduced them … 10 times. “She may have had a few too many glasses of wine that night — apparently she really wanted us to meet,” Maureen says.

First Date: Italian food in Dayton.

How He Proposed: He put bow ties on their dogs, Mugsly and Bowser, and took them to Lafayette Park, leaving her a note and some cab fare. “It was the longest cab ride of my life,” she says.

Most Stupid Fight: “Over who our dogs like more,” Justin says.

When She Knew: During a volunteer trip to a South African baboon refuge. “He loved the little orphaned baboons as much as I did. My heart melted.”