Barry also helps organize the yearly Post Hunt! Barry also helps organize the yearly Post Hunt!

Some people know Dave Barry as the author of such fiction books as “Peter and the Starcatchers,” “Big Trouble” and his latest, “Insane City.” Some know him as a former humor columnist and year-end wrapper-upper. But some people have read their copies of “Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits” (as of 1997, anyway) until the books fell apart. And some of those people grew up to write for newspapers. They are VERY EXCITED Barry is making a stop in the area. In preparation, we recall some of our favorite columns.

“Taking the Zip out of Zippy”: Barry’s “emergency backup dog” Zippy gets fixed while his main dog, Earnest, gets stitches in her (yes, her) foot. They are dubbed “Bagfoot and Satellite Head.”

“A Million Words”: One of his few serious columns — and one of his shortest — is the story of Barry’s last visit with his father. Every word rings with respect, love and loss.

“Adventure Dog”: Barry pitches a TV show based on the life of his dog Earnest. The theme song, “Adventure dog/Adventure doooooooggg/Kinda big, kinda strong/ Stupid as a log,” was fun to sing.

“Bang the Tupperware Slowly”: Barry and a band of “highly trained journalists” (including Gene Weingarten) perform a song about how awesome Tupperware is in front of a thousand Tupperware distributors.

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