Should I praise “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” or eulogize “30 Rock”? Hey, why not do both!

Hail Kimmel. Last week, Kimmel, above, whose ABC talk show just moved from 12:35 a.m. to 11:35 p.m., was duct-taped to a chair and gagged with a tie by Matt Damon, who’s allegedly been bumped by Kimmel 1,205 times due to time constraints. Damon hosted the rechristened “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!” A parade of celeb guests mocked Kimmel for being “not classy.” But he is definitely the cleverest late night entertainer — at least until Jimmy Fallon’s next “Downton Abbey” spoof.

Farewell Fey. Tonight, NBC airs the “30 Rock” finale. The show has taught us that good things can come from crappy starts. As Fey wrote in “Bossypants”: “If you want to see an awkward, sweaty pilot episode, watch ‘30 Rock.’ I will not be joining you because I never want to watch that mess again.” She sure fixed it. Each episode has so many hilarious lines that cast members must talk extra-fast to cram them in. As a writer, I offer special thanks for an apt description of my profession: “those ugly people who have the papers and change the shapes on it.”