aerin Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of makeup mogul Estee Lauder, sits at her Long Island home, which influenced her latest collection of cosmetics.

Despite her seemingly natural beauty, you’d be hard-pressed to catch Aerin Lauder without makeup in her purse. The founder of Aerin cosmetics (and granddaughter of the late, legendary skin-care queen Estee Lauder) arms women with feminine eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and body creams ( or at Estee Lauder Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue makeup counters).

I saw pictures of your home online. It’s stunning!
Thank you. It’s really embarrassing, because people ask where I like to go on vacation, and I am so happy just staying at home. To me, that’s paradise. Our spring collection was actually shot in my home on Long Island and our summer collection was all inspired by that home, so it’s a very special place to me.

What elements from your home made it into the collection?
The spring compacts are all about flowers and a garden in bloom. And we have this beautiful cutting garden full of different flowers and colors that inspired this whole collection — the pinks and beiges and beautiful touches of blues and grays. And the packaging is special, because pieces come in fabric cases. They feel on trend with what you’re seeing on the runway.

Do you recommend wearing certain colors for the seasons?
Four times a year, we update the collection. For spring, we’re following the fashion trends, so you’ll see those bold florals you see everywhere, whether it’s home or fashion and even in food — I’ve
seen flowers in ice. Flowers are taking over.

How do the beauty needs of the modern woman differ from those of your grandmother’s era?
The women of today are busier. And I think this brand is very much about edit, style and focus. There’s so much stimulation, and things are different from when we were growing up. You had a Mr. Potato Head and a Barbie and now everything is about so much.

What do you feel is the most common beauty mistake?
Not wearing foundation. I think women are afraid of it. Everyone feels better with a little foundation and blush.

It seems you have some exciting projects in the works.
We’re working on a sunglasses line with Oliver Peoples that’s coming out this spring. And we’re doing quite a bit of accessories and home, like fabrics and lighting. In the fall, we’re coming out with tabletop items like plates and glasses.

Are there any words of wisdom your grandmother passed along to you that inspire you when creating your cosmetics?
She taught me every woman can be beautiful if she takes the time. And it’s so true. It’s about putting foundation on, taking care of your skin, adding a little color to your lips. It’s that kind of taking the time.