When the power went out during the Super Bowl, I immediately turned to Twitter. Not for an explanation of what happened, but to see what comedians were saying about it.

February offers two more potentially train-wreck-laden live events: the Grammys on Feb. 10 and the Oscars on Feb. 24. Cue up these four feeds for maximum enjoyment:

Paula Pell, @perlapell
Known for: Sharp witticisms; “30 Rock” (as Pete’s wife).
Best Super Bowl Tweet: “When Beyonce dances she looks like what every very drunk person thinks they look like when they dance.”

Thomas Lennon, @thomaslennon
Known for: Committing seriously to silly situations; “Reno 911!”
Best SB Tweet: “This is when Bane strikes,” moments after the blackout.

Billy Eichner, @BillyEichner
Known for: Pop-culture rants; host of Fuse’s “Billy on the Street;” pictured above.
Best SB Tweet: “I will not be satisfied until the Obamas come skydiving down from a helicopter,” at halftime.

Rob Delaney, @robdelaney
Known for: Gross-out humor and quippy puns; Twitter.
Best SB Tweet: “Just yelled ‘Football!’ at some raw hamburger & threw it at my wife.”