This is the first Thursday of the post-”30 Rock” era. Those who mourn the end of the brilliant sitcom may wonder: What should I do at 8 p.m.? My suggestions:

1. Watch a boring show. Doze off with no worries that you will miss Tina Fey’s witticisms and have to read them in the morning on recaps.

2. Peruse Tracy Morgan’s 2009 memoir, “I Am the New Black,” on whose cover he wears no shirt, a blazer, a tie and bunny ears.

3. Watch “Hamlet the Mini Pig – Goes Down the Stairs,” a 2-year-old YouTube video that Jack Donaghy cited in the “video suicide note” he left for Liz Lemon. The pig descends daunting carpeted stairs to reach a bowl of oatmeal. It dives into the bowl and chows down.

What the what? Tina Fey is a very smart lady. She must have wanted us to learn something from this video. I thought and thought. Then it hit me like a ton of mac-n-cheese. The pig is named HAMLET!!! And in “Hamlet,” Shakespeare wrote, “What a piece of work is man. … The paragon of animals.” Yet no man or woman, not even Tina Fey, is as funny as a mini pig going down the stairs for oatmeal.