As a longtime fan of Nick Kroll’s stand-up, his acting on “The League” and his podcast appearances, it’s been a treat to watch his Comedy Central sketch series “Kroll Show” (Wed., 10:30 p.m.), because it feels so very him.

Over the years, Kroll has birthed a roster of oddball characters, such as flamboyant craft services coordinator Fabrice Fabrice and Spanish-language shock jock El Chupacabra, whom I’ve watched evolve from medium to medium.

Kroll’s Bobby Bottleservice, left, was the uber-guido before there was a “Jersey Shore.” He’s gone from Web videos (solving mysteries as part of “The Ed Hardy Boyz”) to podcasts (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”) to Kroll’s stand-up special (“Thank You Very Cool,” where Bobby played the show’s bouncer). Bobby even has his own Twitter feed (@akaBobbyB). Now, he’s on “Kroll Show” as a “ghost bouncer” who tries to eject ghouls from homes.

Kroll has created a world where all his characters can live together and interact — like a fast-paced, hyper-referential TV network Kroll runs.

With all his characters, I always wondered what a Kroll-created sketch series might look like. “Kroll Show” is just how I pictured it.