After many re-heelings and much tender loving care, my favorite pair of super-practical, low-heeled, black leather ankle boots have finally given up the ghost. These are boots I’ve worn at least once a week for almost a decade, so I’m pretty broken up. Can you please help me find a new pair?— Margot

Manolo says, oh, how well the Manolo knows the six stages of the shoe-loss grief–denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and shopping — however, it is the personal letters like this that bring home to us the tragedy of losing the dearly beloved one after the long slow decline.

It is not easy letting go and moving on, knowing that you will never again experience the pleasure of your dearest footwear friend.

And, yet, as the writer of the Ecclesiastics reminds us, “To every shoe there is the season … the time to wear, and the time to closet; the time to keep, and the time to cast away.”  The message is simple: When your shoe has reached the end, it is the mercy to let it go and ease its passage out of your closet and into the recycling bin as painlessly and as possible.

Undoubtedly your old boots would want you to be happy, would want you to find the new boots to cherish your feets. Here are the Step from Stuart Weitzman ($349,, the low-heeled boots that will perhaps ease the aching heart, especially as they are on the sale!