Comedian Mike Birbiglia seems like the kind of guy you could have a conversation with. At least that’s how it felt Monday, at the first of his five sold-out shows this week at Georgetown University’s 239-seat Gonda Theater. The former Hoya, 34, is using the venue to work out his latest off-Broadway play, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” before he films it.

Like his one-man show “Sleepwalk With Me,” which was adapted into a feature film last year, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” is a loosely structured story about his life. In this case, it’s the romantic failures — and near-death experience — that led him to his wife, Jenny.

In the show, Birbiglia recounts with typical self-deprecation his days in middle school as a card-carrying member of “the no-makeout club” and runs around the stage, goofily re-enacting the carnival ride that ruined his first date with a girl. (Lesson learned: Don’t ride the Scrambler after ingesting cotton candy and fried dough.)

The show was unplugged, meaning there was no set, lighting cues or microphone. The intimacy made it feel like Birbiglia had just invited us all over to hang out and tell stories. As a fan, it doesn’t get much better than that.