My editor read about “Double Divas” (Lifetime, Tuesdays, 10 p.m.) and asked me: How is this a show?”

Dear editor: It is a show because it has all the ingredients of a fine reality series: voluptuous mammary tissue, outspoken females, intergenerational tension and down-home theology.

“Double Divas,” eyeballed by a million viewers each week, is set in LiviRae Lingerie in Kennesaw, Ga. Buxom co-owner Molly seeks to showcase local breasts in properly sized brassieres.

Her mission can lead to family strife. At a yogurt shop, Molly tells a random woman: “You need to go up a cup.” “Mom, why don’t you just relax?” gripes 13-year-old daughter Olivia. “Did Jesus take a break when he was feeding those people out on the hill?” answers Molly. No, he did not. Also: a hill?

That’s not the only linkage between religion and undergarments. In one scene, a virgin, dumped by her fiance, shops for sexy lingerie as an ego-booster. Shown a see-through thong, the virgin wisely declares, “Jesus is watching and I don’t think he’d like me in that.”

So dear editor, it’s safe to say that “Double Divas” is an uplifting show.

Marc Silver has been watching TV since the days when people wrapped aluminum foil around TV antennae to improve reception.