Core72 owner Ferrall Dietrich shows off the store in a patterned YMX hoodie ($178).

Ferrall Dietrich has never been much of a shopper. She and her family have always preferred spending time in the great outdoors — hiking, camping, biking. But when she moved back to the area after living in Colorado, Dietrich couldn’t find the fitness apparel brands she’d been wearing out west.

That’s why her newest adventure in Washington is Core72 (5502 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-686-4258,, a Chevy Chase boutique dedicated to functional and fashionable active wear for women.

“Core evokes power and strength,” says Dietrich, who tacked on the 72 as a reference to the year Title IX was established.

The store, which opened Saturday, is highlighting women-owned brands, such as Oiselle (whose $56 Bum Wrap running skirt is an early best-seller) and Nuu-Muu (which makes $70 exercise dresses in colorful patterns). But there’s no one label that dominates — which fits in with Dietrich’s goal of pumping diversity into the area’s wardrobes.

“Get something stylish to add to that Lululemon outfit,” she says. “It’s always fun to put on something edgier that not everybody has.”

For now, Core72 is carrying gear for running, yoga, Pilates and tennis, as well as clothes for travel. Swimwear and other seasonal items will rotate in throughout the year, and men’s clothes may be coming.

Beyond what’s for sale, Dietrich hopes the store can offer the community opportunities to hear speakers and participate in events such as trail runs. And anyone’s welcome to grab a drink at the hydration bar: A cooler is set up to let folks sample Skratch ($1.50), a hydration mix popular with cyclists.

With wooden racks, flowers and the scent of candles, Core72 has a rustic vibe. “I wanted it to be a place I could hang out,” Dietrich says. Even if it’s inside.