DC Pierson doesn’t know who I am, but he’s going to write a rap about me.

The comedian and author, 28, is trying to get his new young adult novel, “Crap Kingdom,” onto the New York Times best-seller list, so he’s asking fans to pre-order it before Thursday’s release date. If you do, he’ll write your name into a custom rap song on YouTube (see Crapkingdom.com for details).

It’s like a reversal of the crowd-funding site Kickstarter: you buy the product, he gives you a personalized reward.

“Crap Kingdom” is about an ordinary teenager who discovers he’s the chosen one in a magical kingdom, before realizing that the kingdom he’s been chosen for is total crap. Like “Mystery Team,” the film Pierson and his sketch group Derrick Comedy (which includes Donald Glover) wrote and starred in, the book puts an imaginative spin on kid-lit tropes.

To further promote the book, he uploaded a 30-minute stand-up special to YouTube for free, as a way to say, “Like my comedy? Buy my book.”

I pre-ordered earlier this week and will share my rap when it’s ready. I’m just hoping Pierson skips the obvious “Crap Kingdom” tie-in and doesn’t rhyme “Rudi” with “doodie.”