Your trashman knows all of your secrets. But don’t worry, writer/actor/trashman Ron Litman won’t spill what he’s learned from your tossed yogurt cups and discarded love letters, not even in his one-man show, “DC Trash,” part of the Atlas Intersections Festival. Litman, a lifelong actor and D.C. native, took a job as a trash guy to make ends meet and found material along the way.

This show began at Capital Fringe.
I was working for my cousin’s trash-hauling business and we were removing this elaborate fountain from the Fringe’s outside dining area. And I tell them, “I’ve got to be in this festival,” and they looked at me like, “Yeah, right.” But I ran home and submitted an application. [Fringe] was the world premiere.

Why did you feel so strongly that “DC Trash” needed to be a show?
It’s amazing to rediscover the city and see the destruction of the past and the creation of the future — which is a lot more affluent, a lot less diverse.

Being somebody’s trashman gives you a certain anonymous intimacy.
Honey, I know your secrets: your culinary preferences, your medical conditions, the things you don’t want anybody to know. Your trash tells me all I need to know.

Does the job have unexpected perks?
You find some really cool stuff in the trash! If I want to, I can have a TV in every room. My home is fully furnished — but nothing matches.

Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE; Thu., 9:30 p.m. & Fri., 7 p.m., $15-$20.