In L. Frank Baum’s books, a tornado is a magical force capable of transporting you to a wonderful fantasy world, an experience James Franco enjoys in “Oz the Great and Powerful,” which opens Friday. Movie weather, though, usually sucks worse than a funnel cloud.

“The Day After Tomorrow”
Think of this 2004 Roland Emmerich adventure film as “An Inconvenient Truth” if Al Gore had access to CGI and Jake Gyllenhaal. Global warming causes a big ol’ mess, leading to multiple failures on the “humanity continues” front.

“The Perfect Storm”
George Clooney and his band of merry sailors head out for the worst fishing trip ever in 2000’s seasickiest based-on-a-true-story film. Fun fact: All cast members had to be treated for Severe Prune Fingers. (This is not actually a fact. Or fun.)

“The Ice Storm”
Ang Lee directed this 1997 film about what happens when a tsunami (kidding!) strikes a Connecticut town. Instead of stocking up on bread and milk, everyone decides to sleep with everyone else. Cuts down on the lines at the grocery store, at least.

“The Fog”
The 1980 film (and its 2005 remake) is about a threatening mist! Doesn’t that sound scary? Well, the mist is full of the ghosts of lepers out for revenge. Have fun driving next time it gets foggy outside.

In this 1996 weather caper, a divorcing husband and wife run TOWARD the killer clouds. You know, for science. The situation brings the sparring pair back together. Isn’t it romantic?