Landing the right pair of glasses is as crucial for your appearance as it is for your eyesight. “Glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory, because they are often the first thing people see,” says Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker, the trendy eyewear company that donates a pair for every frame sold ( While many factors go into picking the perfect specs (hair color, eyebrow location, skin tone), the shape of your face is a good starting point for selecting the right specs. Here are our recommendations for four common mugs. And if you can’t choose just one, we won’t blame you for seeing double.

Heart-like faces are wider at the forehead and tapered at the chin. You want a pair of glasses in the same shape. Avoid specs that have thick bridges.
1. Green with envy ($329, Style No. 6209, See Eyewear)
2. Thin is in ($450, Kio Yamato, KT-3534, Dupont Optical, 1615 17th St. NW, #2; 202-483-9440)
3. Purr-fect pink ($485, Mykita, Elsa, Insight)
4. Recycled rims ($195, Eco, New York, Dupont Optical)

To offset a round face, opt for angular glasses with a modern bent. Sharp lines balance a circular mug.

1. Pocket protector not included ($95, Holt in Striped Sassafras,
2. Modern marvels ($250, Derek Lam, Style No. 104, Dupont Optical)
3. It’s hip to be square ($359, Style No. 9019, See Eyewear)
4. Titanium rims with flexible arms make these some futuristic frames ($545, Frost, Level, Insight)

An oval shape works with almost any frame, so feel free to have fun. Just make sure the specs aren’t wider than your face.
1. Library lover ($95, Marshall in Rum Cherry,
2. Aviator approved ($289, Style No. 1515, See Eyewear, 1261 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-337-5988)
3. Rhinestone cowgirl ($359, Style No. 2836, See Eyewear)
4. Red and round ($475, Frederic Beausoleil, Bur, Insight, 1240 F St. NW; 202-347-9882)

Strong jawlines and wider foreheads are complemented by round rims. This shape is all the rage, so you won’t look like a John Lennon wannabe.

1. Two-toned peepers ($95, Fillmore in Tennessee Whiskey,
2. A key-hole bridge is key ($95, Chandler in Olivewood,
3. A clear winner ($299, Style No. 9243, See Eyewear)
4. Well rounded ($350, Bellinger, Bounce 13, Dupont Optical)