From the depths of Snowmageddon 2013, I implore  you to show me some fun, sunny, light-hearted shoes to make me feel better. I want to see shoes that will reassure me that the weather will soon get warmer and that spring will arrive on time.  Please help!—Jessica

Manolo says ayyyyy! It is always like this in the Washington, D.C., when the biggest snowstorm of the year finally arrives and the city is plunged into chaos and despair.

As some wag once said, D.C. is the city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm, the statement that is never more true than during the snow emergencies, when the mere four inches of white flakes turn the entire town into the sort of dangerous, post-apocalyptic Ice Age wasteland.

Not only do all ordinary services cease, but those few pedestrians who are brave enough to venture forth from their poorly-heated caves are continually in danger of being crushed to death by the mammoth SUVs that are skidding off the unplowed street with shocking regularity.

Happily, joyously, it is already March, and the spring, which is by far the best time of the year to be in Washington, is just around the corner, and we will soon be freed from our dreary cold-weather wear.

Here is the Expressed from Naughty Monkey ($70,, the fun, lightweight spring sandal that will make you think everything is proceeding according to divine plan.