My daughter will soon graduate from eighth grade at Catholic school. All the girls will wear the same style white dress with a fitted bodice, wide straps and  full skirt, which has been designed to look awful on every body type. Shoes must be white with a max heel height  of 2 inches. Please recommend shoes that’ll pass muster with the Powers That Be while also being fun and something she would wear again. —Nancy

Manolo says, this is the most exciting time to be the Catholic, what  with the new pope from Argentina being elected in the Vatican on the  platform of greater pastoral care for the poor and free tango lessons.

For the Manolo, who loves both the ancient traditions and the pomp and the circumstances, it has been the gloriously entertaining few days.

Think how much better the recent American presidential elections would have been if we had forced the Barack Obama and the Mitt Romney to dress up in red silk gowns and parade around the Capitol Mall while  exhibiting pious humility and wisdom.

Indeed, as the Vatican has proven, the world would be the better place if we all adopted medieval costumes, say doublets and stockings for men and bejeweled robes for women.

The Manolo thinks that for the eighth-grade graduation, the white loafer would be both suitable and likely to be worn again. Here is the Bass Venture-2 ($129,