You should be listening to new bands. All the time. Reading about a band in a magazine? Too late, lame-o. You should be trading playlists with a 17-year-old reggaeton DJ in Lima.

This old guy named David Bowie has a great new record, “The Next Day.” He might tour for the first time in a decade. But, ewww! Ziggy Stardust is 66!

Go see him anyway.

Some musicians are gods in their youth. I say if you’re lucky enough to be on Earth at the same time they are, take that deal as long as you can get it. You have a limited time to hear their voices and instruments live, to participate.

I saw the Ramones on their “¡Adios Amigos!” tour in 1995. It wasn’t the CBGB glory days, but Joey Ramone sang “Judy is a Punk” into my actual ear before he died. I saw Iggy Pop in 2001, when he was about 107 years old. I have never been so drenched with sweat. I saw Patti Smith, above, a few months ago and it was a religious experience.

My mom saw Elvis in 1973. (“He looked awful!”) An old lady outside cried, “I have to see Elvis before I die!” Mom pulled her through the bathroom window and they both heard the King croon into their actual ears before that little old lady or Elvis left this world.