Reaching out to pet a woolly mammoth was not her best idea ever. Reaching out to pet a woolly mammoth was not her best idea ever.

This week, travel back in time with “The Croods,” about a prehistoric family that has to leave its cave and go on an adventure or there wouldn’t be any movie. Let’s dig up other films depicting that bygone era.

“The Land Before Time”
This entirely accurate 1988 film about baby dinosaurs shows all antediluvian reptiles living at the same time and place, where they talked and were adorable and mourned when their parents got killed and definitely did not eat one another.

“The Clan of the Cave Bear”
In this 1986 film, Daryl Hannah is a Neanderthal. No, wait. She’s a Cro-Magnon. Maybe. Whatever. She’s essentially a swimsuit model in skins.

“Quest for Fire”
Ron Perlman and his band of cavemen in this 1981 film have clearly never seen “Survivor” because they let their group’s fire go out. So they go out to look for more and find Rae Dawn Chong, who lights their fire in a number of ways, wink wink.

“10,000 BC”
Steven Strait plays D’Leh, a mammoth hunter. (As in, one who hunts mammoths. He is of normal size.) In the ancient society of this 2008 film, life is rough — and with the apostrophes in everyone’s name, so is spelling.

“The Tree of Life”
This 2011 film doesn’t take place in primeval times, but it does combine the Big Bang, dinosaurs, Brad Pitt and Waco, Texas, into a universe-bending milkshake of mindblowingness.