Lil Wayne lives! For a while, we were worried. When the sizzurp-loving rapper was hospitalized two Fridays ago following seizures, fans — myself included — were on Twitter vigil.

As I followed the drama, my (male) DJ friend, who used to spin at the lesbian club Phase 1, asked with exasperation, “Why do you guys all love Lil Wayne?”

It’s simple: When I go to clubs, I want a soundtrack that allows me to be someone other than the me who has many (many) discussions about feminism, misogyny and art. I want to hear things that get their sex appeal from a little shock.

Wayne’s a character, and while he’s certainly peacocking, he does it in a funnier, more spaced-out way than his peers. His rhymes are clever (with a few repugnant exceptions). Weezy (whose “I Am Not a Human Being II” drops today) raps about why, where and especially how the ladies love him — boasts that’d get him slapped if delivered out of the context of his flows.

Hip-hop didn’t invent this. Ever actually listened to the Stones’ “Under My Thumb”? Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”? Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation”? Sexism is everywhere; sometimes it grinds up against sexy.