I’m used to turning on the TV and seeing ads that ask me to save things in need, like starving children or abused animals. I’m not used to commercials that ask me to save a TV show.

But there I was, watching “Suburgatory” on ABC last week, when a voice told me that I have the power to save “Happy Endings.”

From what, exactly? The ad wasn’t clear, but I can read between the lines: ABC is saying, “Watch, or it’s canceled.”

The fact that the sitcom is in need of saving isn’t a surprise: After ABC moved “Happy Endings” to Tuesdays last fall, ratings declined and the network doubled up on episodes in January before pulling the show off the air for two months. It returns this week, in hourlong blocks, at 9 p.m. Fridays, where it has apparently been sent to die.

As an early fan of the fast-paced, silly show — which co-stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Eliza Coupe, above — I think it’s worth saving (even if season 3 hasn’t been nearly as funny as the first two). But why is the onus on me?

ABC has manufactured a “Save This Show” campaign for something that only it has the power to save. By passing the buck to fans, the network has made it obvious it has about as much faith in the show as it does in its viewers.