Twin Day just got real. Twin Day just got real.

In “The Host,” out Friday, a teen love quadrilateral breaks out when two guys love two women, except one of the women is really an alien parasite living in the first woman’s body. But, you know, sometimes two personalities are better than one.

The Hulk
Poor Bruce Banner. Aside from the gamma radiation, he’s been in three movies (including one reboot) in the past 10 years. Hulk tired. Hulk can’t work like this.

Roger Cobb
Like peanut butter and chocolate, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin only get better when smushed together into one body — in this case, Martin’s, which becomes the host for Tomlin’s character after she dies in 1984’s “All of Me.”

The Narrator
Edward Norton’s character in 1999’s “Fight Club” is so dull, he doesn’t even get a name. Good thing Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden in there to spice things up. Mostly by punching things.

Andy Serkis did his best to win an Oscar nod (he failed, alas) for his portrayal of Gollum’s descent into ring-induced darkness in 2003’s “The Return of the King.” But Smeagol, the hobbit he once was, is still around.

Norman Bates
Bates (Anthony Perkins) makes Oedipus look well-adjusted in Hitchcock’s 1960 classic, “Psycho.” Don’t come between a boy and his mother, especially if said boy is wearing said mother’s clothing while stabbing you repeatedly.