Freddy’s WR.UP pants shape, hold and lift the buttocks.

Bras give women support up front. So what can give them a lift in the back?

That’s the question that Italian activewear brand Freddy has answered with WR.UP pants. The tight trousers that shape rear ends with strategically placed silicone and inventive stitching are now available at Freddy’s first store in the United States, which opened two weeks ago at Westfield Montgomery (7101 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda).

Freddy, which started in 1976 as a dance apparel company, now also makes casual apparel, menswear and fashions for kids. (It’s also the official outfitter of Italy’s Olympic team.) But for its American debut, likely the first of several locations in the country, the brand is focused on women’s pants.

The store, on the mall’s second floor near Nordstrom, greets shoppers with WR.UP styles. On the left is a rainbow of soft cotton jersey leggings ($109-$139), and on the right are sportier capris ($68, including a matching tank top).

All of these pants boast the same internal design, which holds in the hips and pushes up the cheeks. And all of them are ready for exercise, says founder Carlo Freddi, who strives to create clothes that women can slip into no matter the occasion.

“You’ll wear it playing golf and going out,” he says. “If you wear it, you can’t live without it.”

That’s a bold statement, but Freddi believes his pants can back it up.