"YES, Mom, I see you waving." “YES, Mom, I see you waving.”
With “42” out Friday, non-sports-history people probably think there’s finally a movie about Douglas Adams (non-Adams people just missed that joke). It’s the jersey number of Jackie Robinson, one of many real-life athletes portrayed on-screen.

Jim Morris
In 2002’s “The Rookie,” Dennis Quaid played a high school science teacher who reaches the majors at the ancient age of 35. But it’s a breeze, because playing in the majors at 35 is actually easier than teaching high schoolers anything.

Muhammad Ali
Will Smith stars in the 2001 biopic “Ali,” a movie that beat up all the other movies on this page and then said something impossibly witty.

Jamaican Bobsled Team
“Cool Runnings” is an inspirational film from 1993 about the team’s 1988 Olympic debut. They crashed and didn’t finish, which was a bummer. They’d go on to finish 14th in 1994, beating even the U.S. Which is kind of a bummer for us.

Daniel Ruettiger
Don’t recognize the name? What if we chanted “RU-DY! RU-DY! RU-DY!?” The 1993 story of the tiny-football-player-that-could makes Notre Dame alums cry and even USC fans mist up.

Eric Liddell
1981’s “Chariots of Fire” messed with some history but nailed the fact that the devout Christian refused to run on Sundays, no matter how inspiring the theme song.