The folks behind the organization Broccoli City don’t just want you to eat your vegetables. They want to make it cool to eat your vegetables — and live in a healthy, sustainable way.

So the Broccoli City Festival (noon-8 p.m. Sunday), the group’s first “urban Earth Day celebration,” will literally bang the drum for the environment.

“Music is a universal connector,” says Broccoli City co-founder Brandon McEachern, who hopes that the folks who come out to hear tunes will also listen to messages about how to protect the planet and the people who live on it.

Bands on the main stage won’t be the only draw to the Half Street Fairgrounds (25 M St. SE), adds Darryl Perkins of Broccoli City. Think of it as an actual city with various sites to visit: A grassy park will host yoga, Zumba and other fitness classes; a pop-up market will hawk eco-conscious products; the wellness center will offer massages; and the bar will distribute organic cocktails (to folks 21 and up). Hungry? Visit the row of food trucks.

The point is to try new things and have a good time while raising awareness that “you’re not healthy if the world isn’t healthy,” McEachern says.

Tickets are available for $29 at or for $17 through LivingSocial.

Head Start

Start your weekend with Saturday’s Earthday of Action (register at The event, in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood in Ward 7, starts at 9 a.m. with a group workout. Then folks will volunteer in a community garden, picking up trash, distributing soil and planting seeds.