Mindy, you get better every week! “The Mindy Project” is the Fox sitcom in which actor/writer/producer Mindy Kaling plays a Big Apple doc obsessed with rom-coms and unlucky in love. The show (9:30 p.m. Tuesdays)

was unfocussed at first. How can “Dr. Mindy Lahiri” be such a smart doc and such a ninny?

Now “Mindy” has found its mission: depicting the hilarity of awkwardness, punctuated with wry one-liners to distract you from plot inconsistencies. So if you thought Mindy broke up with her minister crush and were surprised, two weeks later, to find them in bed, with the minister talking to God behind Mindy’s back … just roll with it and enjoy the show’s sharp humor. Examples:

At a surprise birthday party, Mindy is showered with gloomy gifts, like a microwave-cooking-for-one book.

To a man whose apartment has a view of a wall, she says: “Is your building inside of another building?”

She inadvertently picks up a male prostitute at a bar, then does a “Pretty Woman” on him and brings him as her date to a party. The prostitute announces: “It’s time I embrace who I really am. Guys, I am a prostitute.” Seeking to save face, Mindy goes, “Psych!”