Hair Tactics
Despite its creepy moniker, Shaw’s The Barber of Hell’s Bottom (818 Rhode Island Ave. NW; 202-332-0200) does not employ murderous Sweeney Todd types. Instead, the new retro-inspired men’s hair cuttery — which gets its name from a 19th-century term for the then-shifty ’hood — offers straight-razor shaves ($50) and meticulous haircuts (starting at $60) by the team from Immortal Beloved. Upping the cool factor: vintage chairs where Rat Pack members reportedly once sat.

Relaunch Pad
With its stash of $4,000 leather sofas and gilded mirrors, could be called West Elm and Pottery Barn’s slightly stuffy, rich aunt. But the site just launched a younger, cheaper collection, Horchow Now. It struts hip, geo-patterned throws (shown, $88), cable-knit poufs ($150) and, our pick, a table lamp with a zigzag chevron base ($150). The focus is on bright colors and vintage shapes — just the stuff to amp up that $20 Craigslist sofa.

Lettuce, Be Joyful!
Born out of a family recipe and made in Maryland, Dress It Up Dressing salad toppers ($10, Whole Foods and Dressitupdressing .com) boast couture-inspired labels and foodie-pleasing blends including apple cider and red wine vinaigrettes. They’re meant to be spooned, not poured, meaning you may want to dilute them with a squeeze of lemon.

Pattern Playbook
serengeti-bright  Liberian and Kenyan prints get sewn into bags, frocks (shown, $76) and more at Amani ya Juu (3166 Mt. Pleasant St. NW; 202-536-5303). The African fair-trade biz hosts a trunk show of clothing, jewelry and housewares at the Kenyan Embassy from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday (2249 R St. NW). Admission ($15) nets you drinks, snacks and live music.

Dish Fretwork
lace is usually the stuff of fancy underthings and royal wedding gowns. But Georgia-based Sugarboo uses it to imprint ghostly designs on ceramics. The line, which just showed up at GoodWood (1428 U St. NW; 202-986-3640), includes small plates and bowls (shown, $42) as well as dinner-sized platters (shown, $55). Any would make a romantic perch for, say, a huge slice of wedding cake or a passel of pastel macarons.