I’m getting married again at the end of May. Since this is my second  marriage, as well as the groom’s, we’ve opted for an informal wedding with close family and a few friends on the beach in South Carolina.  Since my dress is light blue, I need a pair of sandals that will match. Can you please help? —Barbara

Manolo says ayyy! So romantic!  Indeed, just the words “beach
wedding” alone can conjure up romantic scenarios to explain why someone is getting married at the seashore instead of the church or the justice of the peace.

You are the beautiful mermaid of the certain age who, during the giant storm, has been washed ashore suffering from amnesia only to be found by the handsomely rugged sea captain (played by the Tom Selleck), who, despite the long-standing and well-known animosity between seafarers and merpeople, has carried you back to his skipjack and restored you to health, hand-feeding you sardines and oysters while softly singing sea shanties and playing his ukulele.

When your health and memory have returned, rather than swimming back to your underwater home, you have persuaded the elderly merwizard to give you legs. Here you are, standing on the beach in South Carolina with the man in the Hawaiian shirt and famous mustache getting married.

Here is the Connie from Donald J. Pliner ($218, Zappos.com), the silver thong sandal that will be perfect for wearing on the beach.