Someone get Michael Shannon a Webby — or whatever it is people get for outstanding achievements in Internet videos. The “Boardwalk Empire” actor’s reading of the insane Delta Gamma sorority email that went viral last week is both the funniest and most frightening thing I’ve seen this week.

Even if you’ve read the email — in which University of Maryland student Rebecca Martinson brutally rips her sisters for, among other, unprintable things, being “awkward” and “boring” — Shannon’s monologue (made for Funny or Die) is a tour de force in deranged madness played for laughs.

Ominous music plays in the background as the camera zooms in and out on Shannon’s face, which grows visibly more disturbed as the f-bombs pile up.

Shannon takes Martinson’s words — which, remember, are about sorority girls failing to socialize properly — very seriously, acting as if he’s an evil villain addressing his minions.

The video also works as a stealth promotion for Shannon’s turn as comic-book villain General Zod in June’s Superman reboot “Man of Steel.” If, that is, any villain can top angry sorority girl Michael Shannon.