Los Angeles-based DJ Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, doesn’t rely on big drops or booming bass. Here’s why you should give this avant-garde beatsmith a listen.

The Coltrane Connection

Experimental music is in Ellison’s DNA. He embraces jazz in his modern beats, which makes perfect sense: He’s the grandnephew of jazz pianist Alice Coltrane and her husband, sax legend John Coltrane.

His Studio Records

Flying Lotus’ third album, 2010’s “Cosmogramma” (a mash-up of frenetic digital beats and sprawling jazz breakdowns) earned him a wider audience and critical acclaim. Last year’s “Until the Quiet Comes” is a more chilled-out experience.

Thom Yorke Alert

The Radiohead frontman first worked with Flying Lotus on the unmistakably Radiohead-y “… And the World Laughs With You” on “Cosmogramma,” and provided vocals for “Electric Candyman” on the DJ’s latest disc. Flying Lotus returned the favor by remixing Radiohead’s “Reckoner,” stripping it apart so that it barely resembled the 2007 original.

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