Sonic Youth was born in 1981, three years after I was. We did not grow up together, however: While I was learning to walk and read, they were recording album after album of drone-and-pedal-effects-laden insanity that changed that course of indie music.

I discovered them as a teen with 1992’s “Goo.” One song by Kim Gordon — bassist, guttural vocalist, a woman who commanded respect as a musician ­—­ and I was mesmerized. She was married to bandmate/guitar wizard Thurston Moore. (They’re pictured, center.) They created a beautiful, romantic madness together. I bought every record. I wanted them to adopt me.

Then, they (and the band) split up in 2011. After 27 years of marriage, my punk-rock parents were getting a divorce! Did anyone stand a chance?

In an Elle story out last week, Gordon said the split was because of an affair Moore had. She found out about it through a wayward text. “We seemed to have a normal relationship inside of a crazy world,” Gordon told Elle. “And … it ended in a kind of normal way.”

I’m an adult, and I know what it’s like to colossally screw something up. But I’m still having a hard time seeing them as mortal.