I know enough about comedian Marc Maron to be classified as a stalker. I know where he lives, how many cats he has and why his two marriages failed. I know his biggest fears, neuroses and embarrassments.

Why do I know so much about him? Because he wants me to — along with anyone else who’ll listen. Maron’s podcast, “WTF,” is full of intimate conversations with comedians and famous people, but it’s also an outlet for Maron to over-share — just like in his stand-up — to the point of self-indulgence.

Yet, this week, he’s adding two more ways to run at the mouth about himself: his second book, “Attempting Normal,” and his new scripted IFC series, “Maron” (Fridays, 10 p.m.).

The book culls essays — many of which will feel familiar to “WTF” listeners — that are even more personal and revealing than the podcast. The TV show takes stories Maron has told before and fleshes them out (and fictionalizes them, to an extent) for the purposes of TV — and getting laughs.

Both offer new insight into Maron. Even seeing him on screen — rather than listening to his voice through earbuds — peels back another layer.

Just when you think you know somebody, he manages to surprise you.