“Star Trek Into Darkness” will be analyzed in obsessive detail by those who love it and will join the pantheon of movies about which writers must avoid making even the teensiest of mistakes, lest the wrath of the Internet come down on them.

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”
In the second “Trek” film, released in 1982, Khan is out to kill people, possibly with his impressive pecs. Spock dies, but not before performing Pon farr with Dr. McCoy, which allows his spirit to live on.

“The Fellowship of the Ring”
A group of eight friends, led by the wizard Dumbledore the Grey, sets out to save the world by destroying one very important piece of jewelry in this 2001 blockbuster.

We meet the otherworldly Avenger in this 2011 film when he arrives from his homeland Heimdall to bash things with a big hammer named Mjolnir.

“The Empire Strikes Back”
The second part of the original trilogy, this 1980 sci-fi classic proved that, as suspected, the inside of an AT-AT will keep you warm but make you smell really bad.

“The Simpsons Movie”
The 2007 animated film followed the adventures of Homer K. Simpson and the rest of Springfield. Homer turns out to be the hero, proving that a noble spirit really does embiggen the smallest man.

If, By some odd chance, we screwed anything up here, The Reelist will be sure to straighten it out in Friday’s Lookout section.