Black-Tie Bargains
Prom season may be over, but wedding season is just revving up (welcome, June bridezillas!). The new Johnny Tuxedo (Johnnytuxedo.co.uk) lets young blokes play the part of dapper gentlemen without going broke. A complete tuxedo, including jacket, pants, button-down shirt and bow tie, costs under $190. Styles are slim-fitting and made from quality materials in Yorkshire, the center of U.K. textile manufacturing.

Beach Pales
Bleached-out shells, golden-beige sand and other soothing non-hues headline at Old Town’s new Coco Blanca (210 S. Union St., Alexandria; 703-535-8002). The home/women’s fashion boutique only sells pieces in colors that would look great with a tan: khaki-on-white paisley jeans by Ecru ($160), wheaty linen upholstered headboards and, our fave, a table lamp with a base that looks like a chunk of coral ($175).


Prague Bock
In the Czech republic, crisp, hoppy beers have launched a thousand copy brews. Still, while famous clone Budweiser creates a bland bottle, Alexandria’s Port City turns the traditional Eastern Bloc combo of malt and Saaz hops into refreshing Downright Pilsner. Find it at local grocery or liquor shops ($13 a six-pack). A low alcohol content means it’s a good backyard brewski.

Mani Splendor
Chronic nail-biters may quit cold turkey after flipping through “Nails, Nails, Nails!” ($15, Chronicle Books). The book’s 25 “recipes” for vibrant, DIY finger art range from simple (inverted triangles) to the more elaborate (miniature chain links). No matter how steady your hand, keep some polish remover on hand.

Tropic Cool
Home-design duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz not only trick out hipster spaces in New York, they’ve also applied their vintage-meets-mod style to their own Brazilian vacation house. Their latest designs for CB2 (3307 M St. NW; 202-333-6204, Cb2.com) riff on their tropical hideaway: a pink steel coffee table (shown, $350), pillows in ripe-as-Rio shades ($30-$40) and a hammock-like swing chair ($150) that would be as cool on your balcony as it would be dangling from a jungle tree.